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An Audio Story

2013-11-22 15:02:30 by elreybon

If you haven't already, give my new story a listen in the audio portal!

It's the first story in a collection that I'm writing. It's all based (very loosely) on true stories about my grandfather. Let me know what you think!

A poem called Fade

2013-10-30 17:48:08 by elreybon

I wrote this poem a while back, it always seemed kind of like song lyrics to me.

Thousand little eyes lying on the floor
-----Never gonna see myself no more
----------Shattered Dreams…
---------------Broken Hearts…
--------------------All is done…
-------------------------Before it starts…

Everything drains away from me
-----Taste the salt, smell the sea
----------Current ebbs…
---------------Water flows…
--------------------Where I go…
-------------------------No one knows…

And the twilight fades away
-----Goodbye sunshine, goodbye day
----------Darkness Falls…
---------------Velvet night…
--------------------Not a star…
-------------------------Shining bright…

Suddenly I feel my hand in yours
-----Guiding me to virgin shores
----------Coming Home…
----------------Achings cease…
--------------------------Finding peace.


Hello World

2013-10-29 01:03:36 by elreybon

Hello All,

I'm new to Newgrounds, but I am looking forward to being a productive part of this community. I've been looking for a creative community to be part of for some time and after looking around on this site I think I can grow here as well as help others in the community grow. If you ever need help or some feedback message me and please critique my work as well. I can't grow without constructive criticism. I will be using this news area to post some of my work, enjoy! My first little poem is below.


by Lawrence Raybon
Dark of night
And storm filled skies
That’s how the story starts.

Heroes, villains
And the fools
They all must play their parts.

Deeds are done
Both fair and foul
Lives hanging by a thread.

One false move
a slight misstep
And favorites soon are dead.

Story ends
Good? It wins!
Or maybe it does not.

Fickle Fate
Meets writer’s hand
And births fantastic plot!