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Awesome Randomation! I liked it, I don't know why I liked it, but it made me smile. Everything fit together; the story, the music, the art style; it just felt right!

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Amazing! You got the humor down pat. Any chance there will be more of these? This would make a brilliant webseries!

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squeakytoad responds:

Thanks! As I said to another reviewer, I actually wrote several scenes back when I made this. Now that I have time to animate for fun again, I might produce them, if there's enough demand for it.


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ShawnBranden responds:

Thank you! :)

I love the animation style, and the joke at the end was simple yet funny! Personally I could do without the thought and speech bubbles especially since the frog talks (show it don't say it). Examples: instead of saying "Hungry" you could have the frog's stomach rumble; and have the frog ignore the mosquito (which may be confusing at first because the frog is hungry, but when lots of mosquitoes come and the frog is happy I think it will be clear what he is waiting on). All and all good job, I look forward to more from you!

sheshu responds:

o.k Thank you :)

Great Job. The art style, humor, voices and writing fit together really well!

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Overall very enjoyable. The story was good and the jokes were funny. That being said, the pacing felt a little slow and it was kind of freaky that the peanut guys didn't have pupils. But again good job overall.

Funny. Good animation and art style. Looking forward to something longer.

Great Job! I had no idea what was happening at the beginning and thought maybe there was some kind of reference I was missing, but when it turned out to be a bad trip.... *applause*. Can't wait for the next episode!

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allcreator responds:

Thank you! I was actually wrestling with the idea to make the opening that confusing. I thought perhaps people would find it boring and not wait as long for the "punch line" I'm glad you liked it :D

Love the beginning, the end was a bit anticlimactic. Overall very well executed! Good Job

Nice! I liked the premise and the execution was pretty funny. The only thing I saw that could use some work was the lipsync. Sometimes it was spot on and sometimes it was like watching a dubbed kungfu movie.

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